The Open Source Project for the Internet of Things

The OpenIoT middleware infrastructure will support flexible configuration and deployment of algorithms for collection, and filtering information streams stemming from the internet-connected objects, while at the same time generating and processing important business/applications events.

OpenIoT is a joint effort of prominent open source contributors towards enabling a new range of open large scale intelligent IoT (Internet-of- things) applications according to a utility cloud computing delivery model.

OpenIoT is perceived as a natural extension to cloud computing implementations, which will allow access to additional and increasingly important IoT based resources and capabilities. In particular, OpenIoT will research and provide the means for formulating and managing environments comprising IoT resources, which can deliver on-demand utility IoT services such as sensing as a service.

OpenIoT is pertinent to a wide range of interrelated scientific and technological areas spanning:

  • Middleware for sensors and sensor networks,
  • Ontologies, semantic models and annotations for representing internet-connected objects, along with semantic open-linked data techniques
  • Cloud/Utility computing, including utility based security and privacy schemes.