😘 A pinterest-style layout site, shows illusts on order by popularity.

    Tags: #typescript • lovelive • pixiv

  • Marzban

    Unified GUI Censorship Resistant Solution Powered by Xray

    Tags: #python • v2ray • xray

  • Electorrent

    A remote control client for µTorrent, qBittorrent, rTorrent, Transmission, Synology & Deluge

    No more! Stop copy/pasting magnet links and uploading torrent files through a tedious webinterface. Electorrent is your new desktop remote torrenting application. Remote control your NAS, VPS, seedbox - you name it.

    Tags: #typescript • bittorrent-client • torrent-files

  • delon

    Delon is a set of essential modules for ng-alain.

    Tags: #typescript • angular-components • ng-alain

  • muse

    🎧 a self-hosted midwestern Discord music bot that doesn’t suck

    • 🎥 Livestreams
    • ⏩ Seeking within a song/video
    • 💾 Local caching for better performance
    • 📋 No vote-to-skip - this is anarchy, not a democracy
    • ↔️ Autoconverts playlists / artists / albums / songs from Spotify
    • ↗️ Users can add custom shortcuts (aliases)
    • 1️⃣ Muse instance supports multiple guilds
    • 🔊 Normalizes volume across tracks
    • ✍️ Written in TypeScript, easily extendable
    • ❤️ Loyal Packers fan

    Tags: #typescript • discord • discord-js

  • react-native-biometrics

    React Native module for iOS and Android biometrics

    React native biometrics is a simple bridge to native iOS and Android keystore management. It allows you to create public private key pairs that are stored in native keystores and protected by biometric authentication. Those keys can then be retrieved later, after proper authentication, and used to create a cryptographic signature.

    Tags: #java

  • phpclickhouse-laravel

    Adapter to Laravel and Lumen of the most popular libraries:

    • - for connections and perform queries
    • - good query builder

    Tags: #php

  • puppeteer-page-proxy

    Additional module to use with ‘puppeteer’ for setting proxies per page basis.

    Additional Node.js module to use with puppeteer for setting proxies per page basis.

    Forwards intercepted requests from the browser to Node.js where it redoes the requests through a proxy and then returns the response to the browser.

    Tags: #javascript

  • neuromancer

    Pytorch-based framework for solving parametric constrained optimization problems, physics-informed system identification, and parametric model predictive control.

    Neural Modules with Adaptive Nonlinear Constraints and Efficient Regularizations (NeuroMANCER) is an open-source differentiable programming (DP) library for solving parametric constrained optimization problems, physics-informed system identification, and parametric model-based optimal control. NeuroMANCER is written in PyTorch and allows for systematic integration of machine learning with scientific computing for creating end-to-end differentiable models and algorithms embedded with prior knowledge and physics.

    Tags: #python • constrained-optimization • control-systems

  • ocra

    One-Click Ruby Application Builder

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    Tags: #ruby

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