• foreman_ansible

    :arrow_forward: Ansible integration in Foreman

    Reporting and facts import from Ansible to Foreman.

    Tags: #ruby • ansible • foreman

  • json_resume

    Generates pretty HTML, LaTeX, markdown, with biodata feeded as input in JSON

    JsonResume creates pretty versions of resume from a single JSON input file. Output formats are specifically customized to modern resume templates. Also, there are a ton of customizations to the templates possible, to make your own version of resume created easily and super quickly.

    Tags: #ruby • json • html

  • loomio

    Loomio helps people make decisions together

    If you’d like to report a bug, give us feedback, or contribute to Loomio, please read our contributor guidelines.

    To setup up a Loomio development environment, or to develop plugin to extend Loomio, see the quickstart guide

    To setup your own Loomio instance see loomio/loomio-deploy

    To learn about working within the Loomio Co-op, read the Loomio Coop Handbook

    Tags: #ruby

  • redis-store

    Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web frameworks

    Redis Store provides a full set of stores (Cache, I18n, Session, HTTP Cache) for modern Ruby frameworks like: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Rack::Cache and I18n. It supports object marshalling, timeouts, single or multiple nodes, and namespaces.

    Please check the README file of each gem for usage and installation guidelines.

    Tags: #ruby • redis • library

  • Proj4Leaflet

    Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet.

    This Leaflet plugin adds support for using projections supported by Proj4js.

    Proj4Leaflet uses Leaflet 1.0.3, for compatibility with Leaflet 0.7.x use the 0.7.2 release.

    Leaflet comes with built in support for tiles in Spherical Mercator and a few other projections. If you need support for tile layers in other projections, the Proj4Leaflet plugin lets you use tiles in any projection supported by Proj4js, which means support for just about any projection commonly used.

    Proj4Leaflet also adds support for GeoJSON in any projection, while Leaflet by itself assumes GeoJSON to always use WGS84 as its projection.

    Image overlays with bounds set from projected coordinates rather than LatLngs are also supported by Proj4Leaflet plugin.

    For more details, see this blog post on tiling and projections.

    Tags: #javascript

  • cargo

    🚂🚋🚋 A browser with almost no UI.

    • Chrome: Cargo uses electron’s webview tags, which are powered by chromium.
    • Tabs: Like any other browser cargo supports tabs, but it hides them from you.
    • Devtools: Cargo has full support for chrome’s devtools.
    • Cross platform: Cargo looks good on all platforms, even the titlebar on windows looks good.
    • Simple: Cargo only has the features most people need.
    • Tab restore: Cargo will automatically restore your previously opened tabs, when you open it.
    • Very cute: 🚂🚋🚋 Cargo(delivering the web to your home).

    Tags: #javascript • browser • electron

  • brew-pkg

    Build OS X installer packages directly from Homebrew formulae

    brew-pkg is a Homebrew external command that builds an OS X installer package from a formula. The formula must first already be installed on the system.

    Tags: #ruby

  • X6

    🚀 JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.

    • 🌱 极易定制:支持使用 SVG/HTML/React/Vue 定制节点样式和交互
    • 🚀 开箱即用:内置 10+ 图编辑配套扩展,如框选、对齐线、小地图等
    • 🧲 数据驱动:基于 MVC 架构,用户更加专注于数据逻辑和业务逻辑
    • 💯 事件驱动:完备的事件系统,可以监听图表内发生的任何事件

    Tags: #typescript • diagramming • graph

  • Swiftnotes

    Android note taking, simplified.

    This project is no longer maintained.

    Swiftnotes is a note taking app that takes simplicity and speed to a whole new level.

    It offers you a quick and easy way to stay organised, capture your thoughts, reminders or anything that’s on your mind, any time, anywhere. No extra unnecessary features, just notes.

    Tags: #java

  • jsonpath

    Ruby implementation of

    This is an implementation of

    Tags: #ruby

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