• chewy

    High-level Elasticsearch Ruby framework based on the official elasticsearch-ruby client

    Chewy is an ODM (Object Document Mapper), built on top of the official Elasticsearch client.

    Tags: #ruby β€’ elasticsearch β€’ elasticsearch-client

  • ProxiTok

    Open source alternative frontend for TikTok made using PHP

    Use Tiktok with an alternative frontend, inspired by Nitter.

    Tags: #php β€’ tiktok β€’ alternative-frontends

  • react-navigation-header-buttons

    Easily render header buttons for react-navigation

    This package will help you render buttons in the navigation bar and handle the styling, so you don’t have to. It mimics the appearance of native navbar buttons and offers a simple but also flexible interface for you to interact with.

    βœ… DRY library api

    βœ… Works great with icons from @expo/vector-icons / react-native-vector-icons or any other icon library

    βœ… Supports both JS and native stack

    βœ… Beautiful overflow menus for items that don’t fit into the navbar

    βœ… Recipes and examples included

    βœ… Written in TS

    Tags: #typescript β€’ react-native β€’ react-navigation

  • redux-act

    An opinionated lib to create actions and reducers for Redux

    An opinionated lib to create actions and reducers for Redux. The main goal is to use actions themselves as references inside the reducers rather than string constants.

    Tags: #javascript β€’ redux

  • simple-scrollbar

    Very simple and lightweight vanilla javascript library for creating a custom scrollbar cross-browser.

    Very simple vanilla javascript library for creating a custom scrollbar cross-browser and cross-devices.

    Tags: #javascript

  • WouterJEloquentBundle

    Integrates the Eloquent ORM in the Symfony framework

    The WouterJEloquentBundle claims to integrate the [Eloquent ORM][eloquent] into the Symfony framework.

    If you wish to use the [Symfony Serializer][serializer] with [Eloquent Models][eloquent-model] you can check [EloquentSerializer][eloquent-serializer].

    Tags: #php β€’ symfony β€’ symfony-bundle

  • gramjs

    NodeJS/Browser MTProto API Telegram client library,

    A Telegram client written in JavaScript for Node.js and browsers, with its core being based on Telethon.

    Tags: #typescript β€’ hacktoberfest β€’ telegram-client

  • concrete5-legacy

    Legacy repository for concrete5

    This is the legacy version of Concrete5. It is still being actively maintained, but significant development and new features are a part of Version 5.7 and greater. New versions of concrete5 can be found in this repository:

    Tags: #php

  • uivonim

    Fork of the Veonim Neovim GUI

    • 100% compatibility with Neovim (see #9421)
    • All configuration done via vimrc with vimscript/Lua/remote plugins
    • GUI features and eyecandy
    • Full support for international keyboard layouts and dead keys (tested on macOS and Linux)
    • Fast, building upon the work done by @breja, with things like WebGL GPU rendering and multithreading
    • Extensibility via a Lua API providing access to frontend GUI features such as LSP hover/signature help/symbols and a fuzzy finder UI

    Tags: #typescript β€’ neovim β€’ neovim-guis

  • crunker

    Simple way to merge or concatenate audio files with the Web Audio API.

    Simple way to merge, concatenate, play, export and download audio files with the Web Audio API.

    • No dependencies
    • Tiny 2kB gzipped
    • Written in Typescript

    View online demos

    Tags: #typescript β€’ webaudio-api β€’ es6

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