• racecar

    Racecar: a simple framework for Kafka consumers in Ruby

    Racecar is a friendly and easy-to-approach Kafka consumer framework. It allows you to write small applications that process messages stored in Kafka topics while optionally integrating with your Rails models.

    The framework is based on rdkafka-ruby, which, when used directly, can be a challenge: it’s a flexible library with lots of knobs and options. Most users don’t need that level of flexibility, though. Racecar provides a simple and intuitive way to build and configure Kafka consumers.

    NOTE: Racecar requires Kafka 0.10 or higher.

    Tags: #ruby • rails • kafka

  • active_event_store

    Rails Event Store in a more Rails way

    Active Event Store is a wrapper over Rails Event Store which adds conventions and transparent Rails integration.

    Tags: #ruby • rails • event-sourcing

  • yeti

    Your Everyday Threat Intelligence

    Tags: #python • infosec • threatintel

  • tencentcloud-sdk-python

    Tencent Cloud API 3.0 SDK for Python

    欢迎使用腾讯云开发者工具套件(SDK)3.0,SDK3.0是云 API3.0 平台的配套工具。目前已经支持cvm、vpc、cbs等产品,后续所有的云服务产品都会接入进来。新版SDK实现了统一化,具有各个语言版本的SDK使用方法相同,接口调用方式相同,统一的错误码和返回包格式这些优点。 为方便 Python 开发者调试和接入腾讯云产品 API,这里向您介绍适用于 Python 的腾讯云开发工具包,并提供首次使用开发工具包的简单示例。让您快速获取腾讯云 Python SDK 并开始调用。

    Tags: #python

  • hexo-theme-mellow

    based on material design

    1. 全端响应式主题。
    2. 添加了英文字体支持 bluehost。
    3. 添加了一些波纹效果。By Waves
    4. 无后端依赖的分享、浏览统计功能实现。
    5. 完美集成valine以及gitment评论系统。
    6. 基于静态数据的站内搜索,无第三方侵入。
    7. 支持文章打赏。
    8. 文章内可引入Github仓库。
    9. 持续更新中…

    Tags: #javascript • hexo-theme • material-design

  • tea

    Tea is a humanized programming language.

    Tea is a programming language with strong specification design, simple strong type system and unit module system, supporting type inference, object-oriented and functional programming, and concise syntax. The goal is to become a friendly programming language that supports multi terminal development, and supports the common programming language ecology as far as possible, so that developers can continue to use the existing work results. At present, the PHP library can be called by translating it into PHP code, which can be used for web server-side development. It is expected that some other programming language ecology will be supported in the future.

    Tea attaches great importance to the friendliness of syntax. By optimizing the syntax, it hopes that developers can write code more easily and naturally, and can focus more on creative implementation. It also tries to keep the grammar style and habit of common programming language to reduce the learning cost.

    Tags: #php • tea • tealang

  • azure-devops-python-api

    Azure DevOps Python API

    This repository contains Python APIs for interacting with and managing Azure DevOps. These APIs power the Azure DevOps Extension for Azure CLI. To learn more about the Azure DevOps Extension for Azure CLI, visit the Microsoft/azure-devops-cli-extension repo.

    Tags: #python • vsts • api

  • algoliasearch-client-javascript

    • Thin & minimal low-level HTTP client to interact with Algolia’s API
    • Works both on the browser and node.js
    • UMD compatible, you can use it with any module loader
    • Built with TypeScript

    Tags: #typescript • algolia • api-client


    UK postcode & geolocation API, serving up open data

    • Postcode lookup, resolve administrative and location data for postcodes and outward codes
    • Postcode search & autocomplete
    • Reverse geocode postcodes
    • Nearest postcode search
    • Terminated postcode search
    • Outward code lookup
    • Bulk postcode lookup and reverse geocoding

    Tags: #typescript

  • Ysabeau

    Ysabeau: The essence of Garamond in an open-source sans-serif typeface

    Ysabeau is a free type family developed by Christian Thalmann ([Catharsis Fonts][1]). It combines the time-honored and supremely readable letterforms of the Garamond legacy with the clean crispness of a low-contrast sans serif, rendering it well suited for body copy as well as display. It is open source, and all its working files (in [Glyphs][2] format) are available from this repository. If you wish to work with Ysabeau in a different font editor (which I wouldn’t recommend), I can provide you with UFO versions of those files instead.

    Any feedback, bug reports, test results, and suggestions for additions are very welcome. You can contact me using the [Ysabeau issue tracker][4].

    If you like Ysabeau, please help spread the word via the social media of your choice. You might also be interested in my other typefaces on [MyFonts][1] and in my other free type family [Cormorant][3].

    Tags: #python

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