• react-places-autocomplete

    React component for Google Maps Places Autocomplete

    In order to ensure active development going forward, we are looking for maintainers to join the project. Please contact the project owner if you are interested.

    Tags: #javascript • react • autocomplete

  • prey-android-client

    Android client for the Prey anti-theft software.

    • Find your Phone or Tablet on a map through geolocation using GPS.
    • Take pictures using the built-in front and back camera.
    • Trigger a loud alarm remotely even if your phone is put on silent.
    • Display a tailored alert message on the screen.

    Tags: #java

  • monkey-dl

    Bulk download your favourite anime episodes from your favourite anime websites

    You can now bulk download your favourite anime episodes for various websites, in various resolutions, with or without filler episodes

    See supported websites

    Tags: #python • anime-downloader • anime

  • CloudProxy

    Proxy server to bypass Cloudflare protection.

    Proxy server to bypass Cloudflare protection

    :warning: This project is in beta state. Some things may not work and the API can change at any time. See the known issues section.

    Tags: #typescript • cloudflare • cloudflare-bypass

  • Crawler-Detect

    🕷 CrawlerDetect is a PHP class for detecting bots/crawlers/spiders via the user agent

    CrawlerDetect is a PHP class for detecting bots/crawlers/spiders via the user agent and http_from header. Currently able to detect 1,000’s of bots/spiders/crawlers.

    Tags: #php • user-agent • crawler

  • RompR

    Web client for Mopidy and MPD

    This is a browser-based client for Mopidy and MPD, which are both music players.

    You can use RompЯ to control a music player on another device or on your computer. Because it runs in a web browser you can run it ony any device - your laptop,tablet, or phone can all be used to control your music player. It has a rich and beautiful interface which is intended to sort your music, manage radio stations, browse and subscribe to podcasts. When used with Mopidy you can listen to Spotify and make use of RompЯ’s incredible music discovery features which will help to introduce you to new music.

    Tags: #php • mopidy • mpd

  • php-fit-file-analysis

    A PHP class for analysing FIT files created by Garmin GPS devices

    A PHP (>= v5.4) class for analysing FIT files created by Garmin GPS devices.

    Live demonstration (Right-click and Open in new tab)

    Tags: #php • garmin • excercise

  • pry-stack_explorer

    Walk the stack in a Pry session

    Provides commands available in Pry sessions.


    • up/down - Move up or down the call stack
    • frame [n] - Go to frame n
    • stack - Show call stack

    Tags: #ruby

  • pokemon-essentials

    A heavily modified RPG Maker XP game project that makes the game play like a Pokémon game. Not a full project in itself; this repo is to be added into an existing RMXP game project.

    1. Fork this repo.
    2. Get a copy of Essentials v20.1 (a download link cannot be provided here).
    3. Clone your forked repo into the Essentials v20.1 folder, replacing the existing files with the ones from the repo.

    From here, you can edit this project to turn it into your fangame/develop mods. When this repo is updated, you can pull the changes to update your fork and get the updates into your fangame/modding environment.

    Tags: #ruby • pokemon • rpgmakerxp

  • jorani

    Leave and Overtime Management System

    • Official website :
    • User group :!forum/jorani

    Tags: #php • leave-management • planning

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